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An Interview with Bree Sharp

Bree Sharp is a twenty-something female rock singer from NYC via Philadelphia PA. After pursuing a career in acting, she decided to go the route of musician. A familiar voice in the local NYC watering holes, Bree submitted a demo to Trauma records (known for the acts Bush and The Flys). The record company liked what they heard and picked her up. With a quasi-stalker song for X-Files star David Duchovny, Bree Sharp’s cry for star struck love filled the radio airwaves. A song which the star himself had reportedly heard and liked. The song even became an underground Hollywood star filled video. On July 27 her debut album A Cheap and Evil Girl was released. With radio tours and a few spots on the Lilith Fair she has been exposing her heart and soul across the country. During her busy schedule she found time to talk to With a phone voice worthy of $1.99 a minute she discussed her first record, touring and her back-up band with’s… jack14

An Interview with Jack Logan

With his first major-label album out, Capricorn recording artist Jack Logan sat down with’s Jim Dolan to discuss his recent tour, recording, and the future. Jim Dolan: How’s the tour going so far? Jack Logan: So far so good. I got a new band. I had a band called the Liquor Cabinet that time just took its toll on. But these guys are great. They got a band called the Possibilities that play out of Athens Georgia. That’s how I met them. These guys are young and can live all day on a biscuit. JD: Was there any differences between recording your first album, Bulk and recording Buzz Me In for Capricorn? Logan: Well oddly enough I recorded this for Restless Records and it was the first one that I really had a budget to work with and went into a recording studio, opposed to my usual home recording type of thing. And I recorded it over two years ago. So Capricorn just came along and my Publicist, Michelle… AliceCooper

An Interview with Alice Cooper

The son of a minister, Vincent Furnier (Alice Cooper) and a few friends at high school assembled a rock n’ roll band in the sixties later to be called Alice Cooper. The Alice Cooper band generated hit songs such as “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” in the 70’s, and as a solo artist, Alice Cooper continued his success with such classics as “Only Women Bleed” and in 1989, “Poison.” Featuring baby doll decapitations, a live snake, and great music, Alice Cooper shocked and entertained audiences onstage and each concert was an event not to be missed. Alice Cooper was also just an onstage personality not to be confused with Alice offstage. Today, Alice continues to entertain crowds, record albums, and play a good game of golf. On April 20, 1999, The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper was released, a boxset encompassing Alice Cooper as a successful five-man band and later as a solo artist. Alice Cooper recently met up with two of his former bandmates from the original band,… amber12f-1-web

An Interview with Amber

Last week we left off with Amber talking about her happiness in regards to a recording project “I’d rather take a long time to make sure that I’m at least a little happy, than unhappy all over the place,” she replies. This week in the completion of her interview with Margaret Coble she discusses being on top of the charts and not being known to radio politics to being a woman in the music industry. AmberMC: When Gordan Lightfoot cover with Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enriquez, from the disco movie 54 came out, it did very well. You’ve pretty much been consistently on the charts for the past few years. A: I have basically been on the charts with every song. It’s really weird to see when I go perform, because that’s where people [make] the connection with the face and the song. I started off with “This is Your Night,” and people are like, “Oh my God, this is her!” It’s still a big play song. Then I sing… Godsmack

An Interview with Godsmack

Godsmack is a Boston based band put together by lead singer Sully Erna(former drummer of Strip Mind) around 1995. With friend and bass player Robbie Merrill, Erna hooked up with local guitarist Lee Richards and ex Lillian Axe drummer Tommy Stewart and formed the original line-up of Godsmack. After jamming on some new tunes both Richards and Stewart left the band. Current guitarist Tony Rombola took the helm on lead and Joe Darko filled the position on drums. The band in 1996, with a loan from a friend recorded their first recording All Wound Up. The recording drew a big following in the Boston/New England area. With great fan response local radio station WAAF started playing the single “Whatever.” While becoming the #2 seller at Boston’s Newbury Comics and joining PGE management (Paul Geary’s, formerly of Extreme, company) major labels began to show interest in the band. In 1997 Darko left the band and original drummer Stewart was invited back. Then in July 1998 Godsmack signed with Republic Records. August… Weird-Al-Yankovic-New-A...s-Mandatory-Fun-to-Music

An Interview with Weird Al Yankovic

artists : interviews unsigned | indie | r.i.p. | interviews | featured sites | djs WEIRD AL YANKOVIC INTERVIEW JULY 7TH, 1999 listen to music Who would have ever thought that an accordion, a piece of processed lunchmeat and a guy named Al would cause such a commotion? Dr. Demento did… that’s who. With hit singles such as “Like A Surgeon,” “Another One Rides The Bus,” “Fat” and most recently “The Saga Begins,” “Weird Al” Yankovic has been able to parody his way into the hearts, soul and laughter of the world. After an impressive run of over 8 albums, various Greatest Hits packages and a feature film, “Weird Al” has once again graced the world, this time with his latest album Running With Scissors. This time around, “Weird Al” puts his parodies to work on Star Wars, talk show host Jerry Springer, Puff Daddy, The Offspring and others, all done in the classic “Weird Al” style that we love so much. Recently,’s Chris Bergen met up with the…