An Interview with Amber

Last week we left off with Amber talking about her happiness in regards to a recording project “I’d rather take a long time to make sure that I’m at least a little happy, than unhappy all over the place,” she replies. This week in the completion of her interview with Margaret Coble she discusses being on top of the charts and not being known to radio politics to being a woman in the music industry. AmberMC: When Gordan Lightfoot cover with Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enriquez, from the disco movie 54 came out, it did very well. You’ve pretty much been consistently on the charts for the past few years. A: I have basically been on the charts with every song. It’s really weird to see when I go perform, because that’s where people [make] the connection with the face and the song. I started off with “This is Your Night,” and people are like, “Oh my God, this is her!” It’s still a big play song. Then I sing… Godsmack

An Interview with Godsmack

Godsmack is a Boston based band put together by lead singer Sully Erna(former drummer of Strip Mind) around 1995. With friend and bass player Robbie Merrill, Erna hooked up with local guitarist Lee Richards and ex Lillian Axe drummer Tommy Stewart and formed the original line-up of Godsmack. After jamming on some new tunes both Richards and Stewart left the band. Current guitarist Tony Rombola took the helm on lead and Joe Darko filled the position on drums. The band in 1996, with a loan from a friend recorded their first recording All Wound Up. The recording drew a big following in the Boston/New England area. With great fan response local radio station WAAF started playing the single “Whatever.” While becoming the #2 seller at Boston’s Newbury Comics and joining PGE management (Paul Geary’s, formerly of Extreme, company) major labels began to show interest in the band. In 1997 Darko left the band and original drummer Stewart was invited back. Then in July 1998 Godsmack signed with Republic Records. August… Weird-Al-Yankovic-New-A...s-Mandatory-Fun-to-Music

An Interview with Weird Al Yankovic

artists : interviews unsigned | indie | r.i.p. | interviews | featured sites | djs WEIRD AL YANKOVIC INTERVIEW JULY 7TH, 1999 listen to music Who would have ever thought that an accordion, a piece of processed lunchmeat and a guy named Al would cause such a commotion? Dr. Demento did… that’s who. With hit singles such as “Like A Surgeon,” “Another One Rides The Bus,” “Fat” and most recently “The Saga Begins,” “Weird Al” Yankovic has been able to parody his way into the hearts, soul and laughter of the world. After an impressive run of over 8 albums, various Greatest Hits packages and a feature film, “Weird Al” has once again graced the world, this time with his latest album Running With Scissors. This time around, “Weird Al” puts his parodies to work on Star Wars, talk show host Jerry Springer, Puff Daddy, The Offspring and others, all done in the classic “Weird Al” style that we love so much. Recently,’s Chris Bergen met up with the…

Redesign Your Summer Wardrobe Online!

Each season comes with its own urge to change wardrobe dynamics. Each season is an opportunity to buy something new, try something new and to imply something new. Something to experiment with the colours, textures, patterns, or cuts. With summer just around the corner, it was time for me to reload my armoury with an indispensable dose of fashion. I always love the convenience of online shopping as a great tool to cope up with never-ending queues, busy schedules and limited time. I’m an addict when it comes to experimenting with my wardrobe scenes and I always used to visit many different online stores before making any deal. I had always longed for a designer store focused on contemporary women. Recently, while discussing my online shopping interests with my colleague, she suggested me to visit IFCHIC, betting that this will be my one stop destination for all online shopping henceforth. IFCHIC is an online boutique that carries a respectable amount of designer clothing, accessories, and shoes from premium brands.… Misfits620

An Interview with Misfits

“It’s just a relentless pursuit of greatness,” bassist Jerry Only affirms. “And not bending to the pressure, I think we stand for something, not giving up. 2000 is the year of the Misfits.” 20 years later that very pursuit has immortalized the quartet formed in Lodi, New Jersey in the eyes of fans as well as fellow groundbreaking artists like, Metallica, Guns And Roses, and Prong. Erie, anxious, fifties style crooning, dramatized with classic Hollywood fear, the new Misfits Roadrunner release, Famous Monsters is the Boris Korloff of punk. Their signature grisly talent has been recently summoned by the silver horror screen great, West Craven. Jerry explained, “Scream” was written for West Craven, for Scream 2. Unfortunately, we didn’t get into the studio and put the song on tape before the movie came out. We submitted it to Wes for Scream 3, hopefully he’ll use it.” MisfitsGeorge Romeo directed the video for “Scream” which marks his plunge back into the zombie world after a 16 year withdrawal but 21 Century… Mike Peters Web

An Interview with Mike Peters

Mike Peters has been rocking for over 20 years. From fronting the Alarm in the 80s and early 90s to embarking on a solo career including numerous collaborations with other UK artists, Mike Peters loves to play music. With age and experience he continues to produce quality music with 1998’s solo effort Rise and the more recent Coloursound colaborations with the Cults Billy Duffy. On October 18 Peters returns to the shores of the USA with UK mates Gene Love Jezebel and Mission for the Resurrection Tour. Hear what he has been doing while he takes some time to talk to’s Brian Parks. Brian Parks: Where you at now? Mike Peters: Over in Wales a very wet Wales. BP: What have you been up to lately? MP: Well we just finished making an album with Billy Duffy of The Cult and that comes out Oct 11 in the UK(Europe) I’ve been recording and mixing that album this past year. After that I’m embarking on a solo tour to promote…