An Interview with Jack Logan

With his first major-label album out, Capricorn recording artist Jack Logan sat down with’s Jim Dolan to discuss his recent tour, recording, and the future.

Jim Dolan: How’s the tour going so far?

Jack Logan: So far so good. I got a new band. I had a band called the Liquor Cabinet that time just took its toll on. But these guys are great. They got a band called the Possibilities that play out of Athens Georgia. That’s how I met them. These guys are young and can live all day on a biscuit.

JD: Was there any differences between recording your first album, Bulk and recording Buzz Me In for Capricorn?

Logan: Well oddly enough I recorded this for Restless Records and it was the first one that I really had a budget to work with and went into a recording studio, opposed to my usual home recording type of thing. And I recorded it over two years ago. So Capricorn just came along and my Publicist, Michelle Roche got them interested. She had left Restless and got a job with Capricorn, and she was always really supportive of me, more or less got them interested in me. And they bought the record.

JD: Are you still working your day job as a swimming pool pump-mechanic?

Logan: No actually, I had this opportunity when we did the record with Bob Kimble. I had a chance to go to Europe for three weeks. The job I was working at, there was just three of us working there, and I couldn’t just take off three

weeks every six months. So I just took this little opportunity to play as much as I possibly can. I’m sure I’ll be back doing something, unless something really crazy happens, but you never know. I feel lucky to have this chance to play this much and I’m going to take advantage of it.

JD: While you were still working and had a couple of records, were there ever mornings when you’d just wake up at say “screw it, I’m not going to work?

Logan (laughing): Hell yeah! Well it’s going to be hard for me ….I’m going to give it my best shot…it would be great to never get up at 7:30 again in my life.

JD: Can you tell me a little about your involvment in doing the Illustrations for the children’s book.

Logan: I know this guy in Atlanta that writes these just bizzaro, twisted books…the latest thing I did was called the slippery ballerina and it’s about this girl who sweats and I don’t even want to get into it. Their made for children, but their twisted. I doubt that they’ll ever have a huge commerical success, but it’s fun to do.

JD: Who are you listening to right now?

Logan: Oh boy, a lot of stuff. I like the new P.J. Harvey record. I like the Lucinda Williams Album. The Wilco thing sounds really great. And a lot of old stuff. I’m sort of on a Joe Tex jag right now, we cover an obscure Joe Tex single that I found. But boy, I know I’m leaving a lot of people out. I got a lot of friends in bands.. The Drive-By Truckers out of Athens are really great.

JD: I noticed on Bulk that you thanked Hunter Thompson. Are you a fan?

Logan: He’s the man He’s just such a great writer. His views are so right on.

JD: What are your future plans?

Logan: Well I’m really playing by ear.. You know I got this Capricorn –there helping me out tour, I got a manager now finally. I’m trying to get the business side taken care of as much as I possibly can and then it’s just up to me to play as well as I can. I have pretty low expectations because the kind of thing I do is just never going to be super popular, but you never know .I’m just having so much fun doing it. I’m grateful for everything that happened. It’s been pretty cool.

JD: Well thanks for the opportunity for the interview

Logan: Well thanks for interest…I appreciate it.