All fingers and toes at the ready.

Ironically the infusion went in too fast,

they forgot her premedication

and so her last IVIG is seemingly going to end like her first.

A whilrlwind of adverse reactions, tightening themselves, coiling snake like, a combination of good air and bad, creating a twister.

The sweating started early this time…

We’ll see.

I’ve given her everything I can to stop the bad night in its tracks.

Phenergan, Panadol, Neurofen, Prednisone doubled.

Whether I have suceeded or not, we will have to wait and see.

Her six month trial is up.

Today was her last.

It has changed her life.

We have to wait now to see if the ivory tower guy will gift us with a continuation.

It could go two ways.

Either it will be a very very good Winter


it won’t.

I know which one we are hoping for…

all fingers and toes at the ready.

Crossing is required.