Bone to be wild!

Ivy is having a bone density test tomorrow. I’m not even sure what that is but she needs one.


At least, according to the scribbled note, that was attached to the referral by my (almost) holidaying paed.

It was the first time ever he has had ‘doctor writing’. Man, he really needs that break.

Heh heh.

Anyone would think he is trying to keep us busy over the next fortnight, judging by all the tests and consultant specialists he has requested.

Starting with the bone density scan.

The thing is, Ivy has to stay extremely still for ten minutes.

Can anyone tell me how I am going to do that?

Miss fidget pants can’t.

I’m thinking that I might have to resort to something medicinal to make her a little sleepy…

Do you think that would be classed as a form of child abuse?

Knocking your kid out for the sake of science?

Yeah, me too.


Perhaps a small bribe is the answer.