Do-it-yourself desk? Anyone?

I have an idea, but I don’t know if anyone out there has a company to help me realize my idea.

We have a lovely office nook in our master bedroom, just perfect for a desk, storage cabinets, etc. I want to have a custom-built desk put in there, but am willing to design and install it myself. I just want someone else to send me the pieces to assemble, kind of like “customized Ikea”.

Does that make sense? I don’t mind assembling furniture, à la “Sauder” or “O’Sullivan”, but I want a desk for our office which fits the exact space we have. I have tools in the garage, like a table saw, yet the thought of buying wood and building completely from scratch is daunting (and would be time-consuming).

I’m instead envisioning some sort of online store where I choose from some basic desk models, and then customize the sizes to fit my needs, and then the company sends me the pieces all ready to assemble. My other option to to start calling local “closet organizing” companies, to have them build it, but they’d insist on installing too, and that would end up eating a few hundred dollars.

If you know of any place online which has semi-custom furniture, please leave me a note about it. I would be a really good customer.