Donating blood…or not.

Last year I went to start donating blood again.

I hadn’t for a while but with Ivy having the IVIG, I figured I should do something to increase the supply of plasma that would be available.

So I went to my local shopping centre where the roaming collection bus was staying for a couple of days.

The last time I donated was at the hospital where I worked and I went in my lunch hour.

When I arrived, this time, I discovered you could no longer just turn up and give blood, you needed to book an appointment. I also discovered that the people who work for the Australian blood bank have suddenly become very, very rude.

It turned out there were no appointments available for either days and besides, no children were allowed to be there. So I was turned away.

This from an authority crying out for donors.

So I went to the closest permanent centre but it was still a no go.

I had to register first and a booking would be made for me to have 600ml of blood taken from my vein.

So I registered and signed up for the next drive.

At 7pm (when Dave could look after the kids).

When I got there they said they had booked in too many and could I come back another time, preferably in the day.

I answered them in the negative because their policy stated no children.

The woman shrugged as if to say “not my problem” and I was turned away again.

This week they are in another part of our surrounding area and I tried to register.

Again, there were no time slots available for a mother of seven, with one child who uses their blood product on a monthly basis.

Nobody wants my blood.

For a company who claims to be in low supply and crying out for donors, I just don’t think they should look a blood gift horse in the mouth, do you?

This year is project plasma (the stuff that is used for the IVIG) and I want to donate, dammit!