Escape with me.

Come with me, his eyes said. I will help you. I will allow you escape from this. I will open your mind and your heart to a beauty that you have never known.

I know it hasn’t been great. I know that you feel small, ugly, worthless.

You have lived your life in fear but now it is time to fly.

Escape with me.

I will show you that you are worth a million of him.

I will show you the only ugliness is his abuse.

I will show you that you are bigger and brighter than all of the oceans, all of the waves with sunlit crescents swelling upon the vastness of the sky.

You are beautiful and funny and smart, no matter what he said and you can escape from his grasp.

Don’t let him own you anymore, not in his death, as it was in his life.

I believe in you.

Now you must believe in yourself.