Extra! Extra! Paed on board!(I think).

We went to see the paed on Monday.

I wanted to take a photo of his face when I told him about Ivy.

Dave thought it would be bad form.

So, Monday; I think we both breathed a sigh of relief. The paed and I.

I think, for the second time in our history, I actually caught a glimpse, an insight, that he really does care about her.

My Ivy – girl.

She was unwell and he was gentle, so gentle with her. She rallied to his kindness.

It would be so easy to form a crush, right about now… her, not me, ok, me too.

We’re both suckers for nice, what can I say? (Remember this the next time I am bitching about him, won’t you, remind me often).

I think we finally have an understanding.

I think we might be on the same page.

At last.