Faith restored or The tale of the tootsie rolls.

Last weekend was the anniversary of my Father’s death.

The honest truth is, I didn’t feel much.

Anger springs to mind.

Hurt, betrayal, yes but anger was definitely the predominant feeling for the day.

He treated me badly in life and in death, it is no different.

This could be the post where I tell you about my Evil Step Mother (ESM) and poo poo her name, the solicitors who represented her (for want of being sued myself) and my father for being such an idiot as to trust such a manipulative, greedy woman but it’s not going to be.

Instead this is a post of restored faith in humanity…

Some of you may have found Lou’s blog. If you haven’t go and look. He is well worth it. This post is for him.

So, the tale of the Tootsie Rolls goes like this;

I was looking around Julie’s blog and I read that she was addicted to Tootsie Rolls. I asked her what a Tootsie Roll was and before I could close the comments window, a message flew into my mailbox.

It was from Lou.

You don’t know what a Tootsie roll is? Let me send you some and you will die and go to heaven. (Paraphrasing, ok?)

His only ask?

Photos of the kids enjoying their first ever Tootsie Roll.

They arrived yesterday.

Before I give you all a glimpse into our new heaven, I just want to say to Lou;

Thank You.

At a time when I was feeling very spare about the good of the human race, you have not only introduced and addicted my children (ok and David and I too) to the chocolatey goodness that is the TR but you brought, to me, a reminder that there are so many good people on this earth.

You sir, are one of them.

A simple gesture to some but for me, last week it meant so much.

On with the show…