Five reasons why and five why I’m not.

The end of the school holidays is here and I am of two minds how I feel. There have been some lovely days and some that I have wanted desperately to be (very) hard of hearing.

Here are the five main reasons for celebrating the return of school:

1. The bickering between the children this week has been almost too much. Picture, if you will three to five, freshly bathed, pyjama clad cherubs fighting over a piece of material or a lounge chair when there are plenty to go around. Plenty. You heard me. It’s the little things, friends. It’s the little things that make my day.

2. My pantry has been constantly empty and the vultures children always revenous. Read my lips ALWAYS. When they go back to school I might be able at least try to fill it again.

3. I might be able to see the floor of my loungeroom again. Ok, I said might.

4. Did I mention the fighting, the fighting people, c’mon. That’s a great reason. No? You want something more? How about trying to mother toddlers with five other mothers?

5. It will be Q.U.I.E.T. when it is baby nap time. No pseudo quiet time any more. No, ‘I’m hungry, what can I eat?’ five times over. No, ‘Can I just watch a DVD if I’m quiet?’, no, ‘Can I just play the computer?’, no ‘We’re just playing Barbies’ (at the top of our lungs and making the bed squeak along the joining wall to the toddler’s room, just long and loud enough to wake Noah and then Ivy ten minutes in from slumber)! No, there will just be beautiful, blogging in peace, quiet at nap time and toddler’s who will sleep for longer than a twenty minute cycle.

Here are five reasons I will miss them.

1. Imogen’s companionship, her conversation, her honest interest in my day. The cups of tea, the cookie baking (and trying out new recipes on me) the girly things that make me smile and make me feel like I’m a good friend.

2. Maddy’s babysitting of the twins. Her patience and kindness and giving me ‘time out’ from the constant hum of two toddlers in motion. Her constant willingness to help me with chores. Her cuddles and kisses and early morning snuggles.

3. Beautiful artworks from Lily presented on my bed, sleepy morning cuddles and ‘I missed you’s’ after sleepovers with friends. Constant babbling about Littlest Pet Shop and horses while I am doing everyday things. Watching her read to her baby brother and sister.

4. Long periods of sleeping in and sunny smiles when AJ wakes up. Wathing him play with the little ones and football and cricket in the yard. Fart jokes and giggling at things that aren’t funny.

5. Mal’s funny expressions and kisses blown good morning. The excitement of going out to the beach. Trying new things. Sunny smiles for sunny days.

I am going to miss them.