Good Noah

Poor Noah.

He has been sadly lacking in attention lately, or so he would lead anyone who will listen to his tirades, to believe. Even though the big kids are all on school holidays and have lavished him with love.

He has been angry and agressive with everyone. Yelling, “Genza! Genza! Genza!” (the way he pronounces our Surname) any time somebody does something to annoy him (which is often, this week).

This morning he was way over the top. Ranting and raving and generally peeved off with the world. Let’s face it, he is like his father. He just doesn’t do mornings. Period.

It was a definate case of waking on the wrong side of the bed… again.

I had separated Ivy and Noah from fighting over a rocket ship. Noah was growling in Immy and Maddy’s room while Ivy was howling in their room.

I could hear Maddy talking him down…

M: “Noah, are you going to be a good boy?”

N: “No!”

M: “Where has my good Noah gone?”

N: (looking fiercely at his sister) “Good Noah’s gone on hodilays”. (holidays) !