Home again, home again, lickety split!

Hello, my friends.

I can call you that, can’t I? After the outpouring of care and love that I have just had the honour to read, I think I can definitely call you all friend.

Firstly; Thank you.

After a few days cooped up in the hospital cage…er… I mean, room, I am a little rusty with my words but I can say thanks.

Secondly and obviously we are home.

Ivy actually had gate leave on Monday so I could take Imogen to the orthodontist and made it through the day without oxygen, so we have been discharged.

Her methaemoglobin levels are down to 6.3, which is fantastic news for the little girl.

Dapsone is the enemy and will never enter the house again. I officially hate Dapsone.

In fact, I think I always hated it.

The paed has been banned from saying anything that infers that side effects won’t happen, that they are rare.

He has definitely been banned from saying ‘unbelievable’ and ‘one in a million’ when describing these rare side effects that seem to love my daughter.

In fact, all doctors are banned from telling me how they have never met anyone like Ivy in their careers and they are also banned from talking about journal articles and that she is an interesting case.

Ivy does rare, ok?

She just does.

And she is not a case.

She’s a little girl.

Anyway, we’re home.

Onwards and upwards, my friends, onwards and upwards.