I love my tweeps.

I was telling my mom last night about an app I had plans to download on the kids’ new iPad for them and I asked her what she thought about it. Her response…”What do your peeps say?”. (She meant my tweeps but we’re working on her technology vocabulary. I actually have her typing “LOL” now in texts…progress, I’m telling you.)

She made me think about the fact that I have an entire community of friends in my pocket all the time now. Parents who understand what it means to have a child (or two children) on the Autism spectrum, friends that understand what it means to struggle with stress and depression, and friends who are currently living with Autism or Aspergers Syndrome themselves. All of these wonderful people are there for me whenever I have a question, or a statement, or a thought about how my life is going.

They are there sharing their own experiences. Talking about battles with cancer, about their children, about their spouses, about single parenting, about their friends, about their daily lives, and about the impact that the world is having on them. They are sharing their blessings, their fears, their pasts and their futures with me.

I’m a source of enlightenment, inspiration, laughter, tears, thought-provoking questions, support, protection, and friendship to people all over the world with just 140 characters. I have been hugged, kissed, kicked, giggled with, cried with, and smiled at all through the power a few tiny characters on a keyboard.

I’ve said prayers for friends I’ve made on Twitter. I’ve met some amazing people that I wouldn’t trade now for anything in the world. There are people who have my phone number with the understanding that they can call me, text me, email me ANY time they need me. I’ve made friends with people I wouldn’t hesitate to have over for dinner.

So I just wanted to write to say, THANK YOU!!!! From the bottom, top, front, back, and center of my heart. You are what makes this world wonderful.

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