I was going to blog about…

…the awesome night that I had last night, with my Mum, as we danced the evening away to “Abbamania” under the biggest disco ball you could ever imagine – a complete escape from my reality (thanks Mum)

but I can’t.

My mind is quite blank because this has kept Noah, Ivy and I holed up in the loungeroom for the majority of the day.

Yes, I’m serious.

It caused Noah to squeal like a stuck pig and Ivy to pass corkers like this;

“Sugar! His leg moved”,

followed by a tortured cry and a burrowing of her head into the depths of the lounge, blanket thrown over her entire body for good measure.

I have a very bad fear of spiders and, it seems, I have passed this onto the smallest of our crew.

Things got particularly hairy when Ivy was ‘busting’ for the toilet and I literally threw her over the bathroom threshold… just in time.

The spider was obviously unimpressed by our drama.

I mean look at it’s face.

Completely poker.

Luckily for us, we have a spider catcher in our midst and when he got home from highschool, we were rescued.

Oh, and the photo?

I have a really really good telephoto lens