I went to see a friend today…

and we sat and spoke the speak of the everyday, the polite banter of two women, who had met not too long ago but who had much in common and had become fast friends. We ate some lunch and danced around some prickly issues until it was time for us to leave.

It was nice.

To be out.

To see a friend.

Later that night we started up a conversation via email.

It was a wicked, naughty, fly by the seat of your pants, conversation of abandonment about…well… about lust. Two women who met not so long ago, letting their hair down…showing their true selves in the safety of words.

It got me thinking; why can’t we talk to each other face to face that way? Why can’t we, as people, look one another in the eyes and bare our souls the way we can in email? Not just this friend and I but people in general?

tell someone your hearts desire, your thoughts, your vivid memories, good and bad.

To wear your heart on your sleeve.

To just be you.

Why are there all these social barriers when we are with others? Why do we hide our true selves, only to venture out in written prose?