In honor of childhood lost

I have never been as afraid for my children as I am at this time in my life. They lie on the cusp of realizing that there are things in life that can really hurt them. They are on the verge of losing some of their innocence…and it’s scary as hell for this mommy.

They are at an age where the world begins to become bigger than their own home, their own yard, their own rooms, their own family. The age when kids start noticing the differences in the people around them and then start questioning those differences. Without someone there to teach them about the differences in others, respectfully and with love, they could very easily turn into people who fear anything and anyone different than themselves. Without a voice of reason, a pure heart, to guide them through this world my children could very easily grow to be frightened and frightening adults.

It is because of a society scared of different that Trayvon Martin’s family is without their precious son. He should be at home sprawled out on their couch like my own children do every evening.

Trayvon’s life was ended because of something as simple as a hoodie and frightened man who thought he was taking justice into his own hands. A man that wasn’t taught that he shouldn’t fear a person based on their skin color and their clothing choices.

No one should lose their innocence in such a violent way. No one should be forced to lose their innocence at all. In honor of all the stone angels, the childhoods lost, the innocence shattered…

I will teach my children respect. Respect for themselves and respect for others.

I will teach my children to look into the hearts of those around them and see them for who they really are. People. People loved by someone. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s son. Someone’s father. Someone’s mother. Someone’s grandparent. Someone’s friend. Everyone is Someone to Someone Else.

I will teach my children love. How to share love with others and how to find love within themselves.

And I will look to the heavens, beyond the clouds, to the sun that shines upon us all, and I will teach them to care for everything and everyone under that same sun because no one should be grieving their children the way Trayvon Martin’s parents are grieving their child. No one.