Love letters.

Everyone, knows that Ivy is in love with her paediatrician, right?

Of course you do.

I mean, anyone who spends five minutes with our youngest daughter, will know that she has a penchant for tall, good looking men, with green eyes.

Actually, only one good looking, green – eyed guy, with the status of Doctor in front of his name


he has her heart.

She has packed her bag to go and live with him, she visibly swoons when she sees him.

It’s all very cute.

I’m not really sure what makes her heart go pitty pat when I mention we are going to see him. Probably not the same thing that makes all the nurse’s hearts go pitty pat but I could be wrong.

Lately Ivy has started to write letters.

They are the same two letters over and over in a long line:


you get the picture.

(For any computer programmers out there, David calls her his binary girl).

At first those letters signified her name but lately she has been handing them to me (often with a picture attached).

She’ll say things like,

“It says: I’m hungry and I would like horse for dinner” (picture of circle head child with a frown and squiggles that obviously resemble a horse (not))


“It says: Noah won’t share with me”. (Same circle head child standing next to another circle head child – one of whom appears to have arms).