Mal turns 10

Malachy turned ten while we were in the hospital.

Malachy is globally developmentally delayed. He has autistic tendencies.

He handled his hospital party with the style and grace of a child with such issues. He totally ignored the party and played with a helicopter instead!

When he arrived on our doorstep he had two words. ‘Mum’ and ‘No’. He was three. He spent alot of time on the ground, trying to ignore the world. He had an obsession with wheels. The girls were often upset that their doll prams had been tipped on their sides, with wheels furiously spinning.

He was aggressive and angry with everyone. Frustrated that he could not communicate his needs to us.

Such was life with Mal.

Now he is ten.

Mal has been on a huge journey of learning and for us, it has been a journey of the heart.

One of acceptance and love.

He can talk in sentences and follow direction, he has learned to run, jump, ride a scooter. He can sing with the best of them (and holds a mean tune). He interacts with the other children and takes part in everyday life.

Things we were not sure he would ever be able to do, when he first came to live with us, he has achieved with determination.

In our eyes he is an amazing human being.