My Christmas wish…

The best thing you could offer a mother of many children is to babysit…

and there it is;

my Christmas wish.

A full day of no strings attached babysitting so I can do all of my Christmas shopping in one hit.

One day of not having to navigate a twin stroller full to overflowing of crying toddlers who want nothing more than to escape to the closest ride in car (who thought of those things, anyway? I need to get my machete back out and hunt that person down), through masses of people who do not know the meaning of Christmas spirit – or maybe they’ve just had a bit too much of the Christmas spirit and that is why they are weaving all over the place.

Who knows.

A day of not having to sneak away, so as to have somesurprises left for the pre teens and the tween.

While we are on the subject of pre teens… a day of not having to listen to whining about boredom (the boy), legs hurting (the boy), having to wait outside the shopfront with screaming ride in car seeking toddlers (all parties of pre teen).

A day of not having to round up everyone into the food trough hall, only to find there will be no spaces for a larger than average family until forever.

A day of not having to listen to your husband tell you how much he despises shopping, shopping centres, crowds in shopping centres, crowds in general, Christmas or people trying to sell you things you don’t want and can’t afford at Christmas.

Perhaps Santa might come through before the 24th…

then again, maybe not.