Never the cool chick…

I was never the cool chick at school.

Ne – e – e – ver.

In fact, I was the opposite of cool.

I was the kid that everyone loved to hate.


Who can blame them, really? My fashion sense was laughable, I was fat, shy and dorky.

I mean, who wears a red smocked dress to their year six farewell, with white knee highs and cork heeled shoes and expect the coolest boy in school (Ahhh! Clinton Rose) to fall head over heels in love with you????


Except me.

I rest my case.

Anyhow, this inability to sit with any cliques has followed me through life. Highschool – I was in the reject group. You know, that group of girls who are together just because they’ve been kicked out of the other groups? Yep. I was their queen. I didn’t fit in at work (too young) I didn’t fit in at Uni (too old, had kids). In friendships, I have been able to make one really good, tell your deepest darkest secrets too, friend with each new area we moved into and thankfully most of them have come with when I make the next move.

Now that I am online, I have noticed too, little cliques forming, in forums and even in blogging groups. Once again, I find myself not fitting in with any kind of niche. I don’t belong to any groups and I don’t have any groupies.

Once again, I can feel that old green eyed monster sneaking up on me, whispering in my ear. It’s not fair! Why doesn’t anybody wanna hang with the T – girl? (Pull out your violins, people, go on).

But… when I think about it, as in my real life, online, I have made some really good friends, some of whom I can divulge all those secrets and hurts and I am thankful.

So, do I care if I am not part of some inner circle? Hell yes no, not really. I *think* I would rather a small group of good friends than being part of some blogging clique.

What about you? Do you wish you had a huge following? Do you desire the accolades of those more popular bloggers out there? Do you wish that some of those prom blog kings and queens would give you a side ways glance… just once, or are you happy to be bloggy nerd? Just askin’.