Tests and treatment.

I am tired. Exhausted in fact.

Yesterday was a colossal one.

A day of doctors, tests, doctors, results, more doctors, long drives, long, neuron pathway altering thought processes, tears, heated discussions, doctors and finally treatment commencement. Did I mention doctors?

You know it’s been a big day when you cry in front of a doctor, who doesn’t know you.

Now we wait.

We should see some response within a week.

I was thinking of taking photos as the days progress. What do you think? I might post them on a separate page so you can look if you want.

Our paed; who has redeemed himself beautifully, is fully on board; came to the appointment and spoke to me again last night for a long time about Ivy and her health or lack there of. Who’d have guessed?

The range of emotions at the moment is amazing.