The hardest job ever.

I have a double degree.

I have been in the room with women as they birth their first born, second born, seventh born babies.

I have looked after thirty pre school children,

taken kids away on camp,

performed cardiac compressions on a dying man,

helped to resuscitate babies,

packed wounds,

sat with families as their loved ones have moved on from this life.

None of these things compare to motherhood.

It’s hard and sometimes it hurts.

Motherhood doesn’t stop at the end of your shift.

You can’t walk away and you always worry.

You worry about their past and their present and you worry about their future

even when they are not biologically yours.

You hope that in the end they will make the right choices

and they will grow to be the best that they can be.

You never give up, even though it would sometimes seem easier to cut and run


I think

the older they get,

the harder it gets.

Before babies, I never realised how hard it would be

but knowing now,

I would still choose motherhood

because even though it is the hardest job in the world,

the rewards are worth it.