The paed and the magic wand.

It seems the paediatrician has been waving his magic wand all about town.

In two weeks he has achieved;

* An appointment with the elusive immunologist.

We have been trying to secure one for months now and had just about given up hope.

Ivy’s approval for Intragam was initially for six months only and without further application from the immuno, the IVIG will be stopped. Her sixth infusion is on the 3rd of February.

Her appointment is the 10th.

* A consultation with the dietician.

We have been hoping to talk to one since Ivy started dropping the kilos three months ago.

We saw a lovely dietician on Monday while we were in the hospital and she put us on some sort of program that allows us to buy Pediasure – a supplemental drink (which Ivy is living on at the moment) for $13 for a 1kg tin, through the hospital, instead of the $19 for 250gm tins we get through the pharmacy.

Last but not at all in the least we have

*An appointment for the respiratory specialist

on the 5th of February.

This doctor is booked out until the beginning of 2023 so a February date really is amazing.

It happens to be the same day that Ivy is having her follow up echocardiogram.

So we will know where we stand with the pulmonary hypertension.

While I am very scared of a diagnosis of ongoing pulmonary hypertension and bronchiectasis and know that it will be life altering for Ivy, at least knowing will mean that we can do something…medicate her, treat her, try to slow down the process.

For today, we have a plan ( and you all know how much I like plans) and

I am thankful for our paed and his wand.