To the Cape and back, in 43 minutes

I ended up not going to “the Cape” for my job interview. The person who was supposed to interview me had to make a last-minute trip to Canada, so instead we just did the interview over the phone this morning. I still think there’s going to be a third-round of interviews, though, and I hope I’ll be asked to participate in that. I’m sure that third (and I assume, final) interview will have to be in person. In the middle of winter, no doubt—they’re testing me.

My interview was at 9:30 am this morning, and it lasted 43 minutes. It would take us longer than 43 minutes to drive to the airport, so I have no complaints. I was asked more specific Internet marketing and SEO questions today, and while I know the answers, they can be tough to explain. I don’t always know how to put what I do into words, I just know what I’m doing is correct.

It’s tough to use that excuse in a job interview. I hope I did well, and if not, I hope I might be able to volunteer with the IFAW organization in some sort of online capacity. They do good work, and they’re not all freaky and combative like you.know.who. (P*TA, I dare not say their name aloud).

Flippy and I have been muddling through our new part-time freelance job. I don’t think I can say who we work for, but I can say that it’s Internet marketing of a sort and it’s blog-related. The job isn’t necessarily time-intensive, but it has this tremendous learning curve because of the software being used. Just as an example, I’ve had to learn to get comfortable using Microsoft Outlook, which I think is a mammoth of a program.

I’m sure my computer desk visibly sags under the weight of the program whenever it’s opened. I want to like Outlook because I love being organized, but gah, learning curve. The same with Excel, which is something else we’re learning to deal with. I’d much rather muck around in a mySql database via phpMyAdmin than do anything in Excel, and Excel is supposed to be easy I’ve spent a lot more time pawing through my “Outlook 2003 Quicksteps Guide” than I have doing actual work.

One more announcement to make—we’ve got a new server all set up and ready to go, which means all our current websites will be transitioning to it sometime in the next couple of days. While our blogs theoretically should not have any downtime, there might be a lag because of cached information in other nameservers around the world. So, if any of our sites seem to be missing, they’ll reappear eventually. For our next trick, we’ll be pulling a quarter out from behind your ear. Thank you for your support, and remember, the show is dark on Tuesday and Wednesday.