I haven’t been myself lately…in a good way. Before I get into explaining what is so different, let me first draw you a picture of what it looks like inside my house right now.

We are still somewhat in the process of combining two households into my tiny little house. Anyone who has ever moved before understands where I’m going with this. First of all, there are two households worth of furniture, personal belongings, framed art work, clothing, tools, and other random things that we’ve both collected over our combined years of time spent living away from our parents.

Now when I say we’re combining this into my tiny house, I’m not lying about the house being tiny. The bedrooms are tiny. The living room is tiny. I don’t have a garage for large tools either. I have one large vehicle. The fiancé comes with a fast car, a pickup, a work truck, a motorcycle, a riding mower, and multiple tool chests. He also has dressers, bed frames, a china hutch, a dining room table and chairs, a couch, a recliner, and all his little stuff.

We are making it work. We threw out my living room furniture that my kids had basically all but destroyed. We made a space for the hutch. We rearranged the bedroom to fit two (!) more dressers in it. We stored what we couldn’t reasonably use. Now we’re down to the little stuff and the things I’ve put off putting away of my own belongings since the first big move. There are boxes, totes, bags, and piles of stuff everywhere.

Now anyone who knows me understands that this is a recipe for disaster for me. I have to have order. I have to have the chaos contained as best as it can be. Visual clutter, as well as auditory clutter, drive me to meltdown status in no time. I just cannot handle it. So I’m sure you’re wondering how I’m handling all this change to both my surroundings and my routine?I’ll tell you.

I’m putting away a minimum of one thing per day. I’m keeping my main living areas clutter-free. My kitchen table and counters are cleared. My couches and chairs are all accessible. My bathroom has nothing sitting in the floor outside of the regular things and I’m making it a point not to add anything else to the piles.

I’m also practicing a little mindfulness. I am stopping myself before I react to anything and I’m taking a few deep breaths and I’m taking stock of what is really going on in my head before I speak. If I am getting overwhelmed, I am telling someone so that I can escape for a few moments to a quiet spot and just breathe. I am trying to focus on what I can realistically accomplish in a given amount of time and I’m not killing myself trying to do too much. There have been a few times where my guy has stopped me and pointed out that I’m getting myself worked into a frenzy and he’s slowing me down and making me pace myself. This sweet guy really does “get” me and for that I am eternally grateful.

So, if you see me tweeting random stuff at odd times of the day, it’s me doing a brain dump of the overstock of things I have floating in my head right now. Just let it roll by or ask me a question about it and let me brain dump a little bit more and I’ll be fine in a few weeks when we are fully settled into the house and everything is unpacked and put away. Until then, bear with me. I’ll be looking for my Zen spot for a while. 😉